Tourism units of competency are written to SIT requirements and are based on the latest, endorsed, versions on Further units valid for tourism training are available on the Hospitality Page.

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All units are supplied as editable word documents and are accompanied by Trainer Guides that include; indicative answers to written questions, observation and/or project checklists, third party reports and mapping to competency grids.


Additional units from the hospitality stream are available at $150.00 each

 Sample learner guide (SITHCCC018)

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Tourism products

SITTGDE005 Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities
SITTGDE006 Develop and maintain the general and regional knowledge required by guides
SITTTIND001 Source and use information on the tourism industry
SITTTOP005 Operate tours in a remote area
SITTPPD003 Coordinate and operate sustainable tourism activities
SITTPPD004 Develop in-house recreational activities
SITTTSL001 Operate an online information system
SITTTSL002 Access and interpret product information
SITTTSL003 Provide advice on International destinations
SITTTSL004 Provide advice on Australian destinations
SITTTSL005 Sell Tourism Products and Services
SITTTSL006 Prepare quotations
SITTTSL007 Process Reservations
SITTTSL012 Construct normal airfares
SITXCCS002 Provide visitor information
SITXCCS003 Interact with customers
SITXCCS006 Provide service to customers
SITXCCS007 Enhance customer service experience
SITXCOM001 Source and present information
SITXCOM002 Show social and cultural sensitivity
SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict
SITXEBS001 Use social media in a business
SITXFIN001 Process financial transactions
SITXFIN002 Interpret Financial Information
SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills
SITXMPR004 Coordinate marketing activities
SITXMPR005 Participate in cooperative online marketing initiatives
SITXWHS001 Participate in safe work practices
SITXWHS003 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices